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What Happens Next In Your Story?

Bill Zeinert's My Marketing Director service coaches small business people to put their finger on what needs to happen next in their business. 



“Redemption” brings together themes of psychological thrillers like Seven and Psycho with concepts of remaking a life, seen in films like The Shawshank Redemption and Lord John. In “Redemption”, a fledgling serial killer hears the death wish of a broken man and will stop at nothing to grant it.

The film follows Clem Hotchkis and Noel Birnam. Clem’s life is hitting rock bottom. All he has left is his wish to die in a blaze of glory, and after striking a deal with Noel, a budding serial killer, Clem is on the verge of getting his wish.

Problems arise when Clem has a chance meeting with Grace, a struggling single mother, who rekindles in Clem an interest in life and family. Clem’s love for Grace leads him to break off his deal with Noel.  Noel however, has grown bolder in his killing and sees murdering Clem as the only way to reach his full potential.

Noel’s obsessive hording of newspaper clippings allows him to piece together the horrible truth behind Clem’s past and the reason for his death wish.  As Noel’s obsession reaches a fever pitch he kidnaps Grace and coerces Clem back into their deadly bargain.  In the final showdown both Clem and Noel’s futures are decided, but only one finds redemption.


The Hundredaire

In the story, gold-digger Jay Dillon’s greed is turned on its ear when Claire, an eccentric graying hippie, makes him an offer he can’t refuse: Give a hundred dollars away every day for a month, and get a million dollar payday.

At first, Jay cons Kate, a local homeless shelter operator, to help him give away the money. As Kate helps Jay their partnership blossoms into love. Jay discovers it’s not the money he gives, but what he does, that makes a difference in people’s lives. And despite himself, he likes how it makes him feel.

As the month draws to a close, Claire offers Jay a new option: forgo the reward, allowing Claire to reuse the million dollars to offer the experience Jay had to someone else.  As Jay takes a day to struggle through the decision, problems arise when Claire’s son, Eugene, appears on the scene, revealing Jay’s original greedy motives to Kate and that Claire is just a delusional old man.

As Jay works to mend fences with Kate, Claire calls Jay raving that Eugene is stealing his fortune and begging Jay to take over his life’s work. Jay humors Claire and accepts control of what Jay believes to be another delusion.

Jay and Kate discover Claire’s fortune is very real and that his life’s work has been using his money to teach the lessons of true charity to thousands of people who he called Hundredaires.

Eugene confronts Jay demanding money, but Jay turns the tables, offering Eugene his own Hundredaire dare. The final scene finds Claire, Eugene, Jay and Kate together some time later as they target the next, in what will be a long line, of Hundredaires.


Re-Inventing Avery

A desperate grab for a slot in the frozen food aisle has left Avery Bledsoe, famed chef and restaurateur, in over his head. His latest culinary concoction, “Italianesse” Entrees (a fusion of Italian and Chinese cuisine) has been soundly rejected. Avery is given 24-hours to fix his recipes or face financial ruin.

Avery heads back to his hotel and works feverishly in a makeshift kitchen, but his creativity fails him. As Avery takes out his frustration on a desk clerk, he literally runs into a woman delivering pizzas. Even from the spill on his shirt, Avery can taste the genius.

After a change of clothes, Avery heads to the small restaurant. He’s embarrassed to find the pizza delivery girl he knocked over is the owner’s daughter, Corrine. Corrine runs the restaurant with her father, Marco. Marco comes out from the kitchen and instantly recognizes Avery. The two hit it off and begin drinking despite Corrine’s clear disdain for the celebrity chef.
The night ends with Avery taking several entrees back to his room. As Avery sleeps off the vino, his manager, Lana Bright, takes one of the entrees from the restaurant and passes it off as Avery’s. The recipe is a raging success. Desperate to save his teetering empire, Avery stays silent and accepts credit for Marco’s work.

Corrine hatches a plan to expose Avery and confronts the chef on national TV. Avery is forced to admit his guilt, but his agent turns the tables on Corrine, cutting a deal to have Avery perform an extreme make-over on their family’s struggling restaurant as penance for his theft.

As Corrine and Avery butt heads and trade insults, Avery reconnects with his passion for cooking authentic food. He rediscovers his enthusiasm as he works side by side with Corrine. Together, they bring the restaurant back to life, and a spark catches between Avery and the very much engaged Corrine.
Lana Bright ups the stakes as she converts Avery’s public service project into a full-blown reality TV show. Avery is coerced into planning Corrine’s wedding for the cameras, giving him a front row seat as his new love marries another.

The tension comes to a head as Avery discovers Corrine’s fiancé has been extorting money from Marco. Avery must choose between his fame and the women he loves. In the end, Avery crashes the wedding, destroys his career and wins Corrine’s heart.